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Surf lessons for children, they will learn in a simple, fun and safe way
clases de surf para niños en pais vasco
clases de iniciación al surf para niños
Clases de surf para niños en País Vasco
clases surf niños pais vasco

Group surf classes aimed at children from 7 years old who are excited to start surfing.

Thanks to a very experienced team of instructors, teaching will be simple, safe and fun. We will teach them the basic concepts of surfing, to have respect for the sea and the first techniques so that they make contact with the waves and begin to control them.

Cheer up!!!

No matter your age or your physical condition, just your desire to learn and have fun, learn surfing at Mundaka Barra Surf, it will be an experience you will want to repeat.

Surf lessons include


Equipment (board and suit) all our equipment is approved and is of the highest quality to provide total safety to the student and offer us a guarantee of learning




A 2- hour-class


Number of participants 5 people approx


1 instructor for each group

Prices VAT included

Surf lessons for children under 7 years old

At Mundaka Barra Surf we have instructors specialized in working with young children, we study each case in order to decide if the classes are individual or group. If they were in groups, it would never be more than 3 children per group, with a responsible monitor per child or group


If we book in the first class, we always have to be 15 minutes before at the surf school.

Being at the time indicated on the calendar is enough. Since we give a margin of 20 minutes to get changed and start the activity.

Learn to surf safely and fun at Mundaka barra surf

We will teach you to respect the sea and the best techniques so that you can enjoy this fascinating sport.

Surf para niños en euskadi